Premium Membership

We do offer 2 types of subscriptions if you would like to list your catering company on our website.


What is the difference between free and premium membership?

Companies who are subscribed to our premium membership will be listed in the top 3 positions on our homepage, in addition to that those companies will be able to receive inquiries coming this form.

You could find the get A Quotation form on almost all our website pages.

Those inquiries are shared with 3 companies only, that’s why the premium membership is only available for 3 companies.

Free Membership: We can also list your company free of charge but in that case, you won’t receive catering inquiries from our website, also your company will be listed starting position 4 on our homepage.


How many inquiries will I receive from the Get A Quotation form per month?

It depends if it’s a high or low season, however for the time being it is estimated that you will receive between 10 and 15 inquiries/month.


How does it work?

By the end of each month, you will receive an Excel report that includes all the inquiries you received for the past 30 days, based on the total number of inquiries you will be charged a certain amount (Pay Per Inquiry).


If I am a premium member in which position my company will be listed?

As we previously mentioned,  companies who chose the premium membership will be listed amongst the top 3 companies on our homepage and we only accept 3 premium members in total, however each month the order for the 3 companies will change.

Considering we have 3 premium companies: a, b and c. The 3 companies will be listed in a different order each month,  and each company will get the chance to be in position 1 once every three months. Example:

Month 1: a, b, c

month  2: c, a, b

Month 3: b, c, a

And so on…


When do I have to pay?

Within 3 days, counting from the date you receive your monthly invoice.

Payments are made online.


What if I  want to renew my subscription?

No obligations at all, we kindly ask you to inform us about your decision by email.