Premium Membership

In order to enhance the services we offer at Traiteurs Montreal, we would like to inform you about our new paid membership plan on the platform, effective as of October 2023.

Starting October 2023, catering companies can choose between two plans: Free & Paid


Free Plan

We can list any catering company on our homepage free of charge as long as it meets our criteria.


Premium Plan

We have launched a premium plan that will only be available for 3 companies for the time being.

Premium members can benefit from two features that are not found in the free plan:

1-Catering Inquiries

Premium companies will also receive catering inquiries from a from named ”Get A Quotation” that is displayed more than once on our homepage, all the inquiries that you have been receiving from us during the past few months were actually coming from that specific form, so we assume you have an idea how it works.
When one completes the Get A Quotation form, the form will be sent to our premium members, as we previously mentioned to 3 companies in total.


2-Top 3 Position

Premium companies will be listed at the top 3 positions on our homepage (Please read disclaimer below).
The companies order is rotated on a monthly basis. For instance, if a month sees the order of X, Y, Z, the next month will see the order of Y, X, Z, and so on. This means that your company will always be amongst the top 3 companies but not necessarily at position one.


What To Expect

It is expected that you will receive 35+ catering inquiries from our platform per month.


The Team Behind Traiteurs Montreal

When it was launched, Traiteurs Montreal was managed by a sister company from Montreal, however in order to keep our monthly charge as low as possible, Traiteurs Montreal is now managed from Lebanon via

For this reason, the currency used for the monthly subscription fee will be USD for easier international transfers.


Monthly Fee

The monthly subscription fee for the time being is $360 (USD not CAD), please note that starting January 2024 we will either increase the fee or switch to Pay Per Inquiry .

It is expected that starting January 2024 the charge will be 30 to 40% higher. You can benefit from our discounted price for the time being if you choose to subscribe now.


Traffic Source

Traiteurs Montreal is ranked first on Google search results for the majority of keywords related to catering in Montreal: catering Montreal, best catering companies Montreal, traiteus Montreal, meilleurs traiteurs Montreal….


How To Subscribe

If you are interested in booking your spot and becoming a premium member, we kindly ask you for 2 things:

  • Down Payment: If you choose to subscribe to our premium plan, you don’t have to make any advanced payment, by the end of each month you will receive from us an invoice with a payment link.

Only for the first month, and in order to guarantee your spot, we kindly ask you to make a $50 down payment in advance, the $50 will be later deducted from your monthly fee. Therefore, by the end of October your invoice will be $310 instead of $360.

  • Chat With Us: In addition to the down payment, we kindly ask all interested companies to send us a quick Whatsapp message so we get to know each other more and verify some information about your company. Please click on the button below or send us a Whatsapp message to: +961 76 784 483

Since we are located in two different time zones, make sure to mute our Whatsapp conversation as you might receive a reply from us outside your business hours.


Subscription Deadline

The subscription deadline is October 10 or when we have 3 premium members, whatever comes first. So if you are interested make sure to pay the down payment asap to book your spot.