Press Release (English)

Title: Canada is looking for the top Lebanese chefs!

The Lebanese people who emigrated from their homeland took along their culture and unique way of life. One of their favourite spots were Montreal & Toronto, where a great number of Lebanese expatriates have been living for decades now.


Summer of Delights! in collaboration with is bringing some top Lebanese chefs this summer straight from Lebanon to the wonderful cities of Montreal and Toronto…and you could be one of them!

Accepted chefs, who have a start-up catering company or who have recently graduated, will have the chance to learn more about the Canadian cuisine during a 10 days workshops in August 2023, all expenses paid.

Also, Lebanese chefs and during the last 2 days will have the chance to introduce the Lebanese cuisine to Canadian catering companies.

Crash courses!

The hand-on courses are a great opportunity for the selected professional to learn from the experts but also share and exchange techniques and know-how.

The chefs will also get the chance to discover the magical sites of Montreal and Toronto, also meet Lebanese expatriates there and Canadians too.

Establishing a solid and permanent ground for the Canadian cuisine in the catering companies in Lebanon is one of the most important aims of and, and the cooking master classes are the best way to achieve it.

To join this program please visit:

Https:// or